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Triumphant Life of Abundance Course

$597.00 USD

So many of us have tried to do things to improve our lives but we often continue to find ourselves stuck in the same ...

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Triumphant Life Community Access

$29 per month (7-Day Trial for $1)

Here’s how I want to help you TODAY. When you join the Triumphant Life Community for High-Performers today, I ...

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Live Group Coaching with Janet

$29 per month with 1 month free trial

I’m now accepting new High Performance Coaching applications for a limited number of slots. You can apply to wo...

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Premium Membership

$9.95 per month

Do you or someone you know suffer from low energy and vitality, a lack of clarity, motivation, and joy, or possibly s...

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21 Day Delightful Detox of Your Mind and Body

FALL SALE - $37 (Usually $97)

Do you wish you felt happier, healthier, had more energy, less stress, and a better body? We all would like to feel a...

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