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When you join the Triumphant Life Community for High-Performers today, I want to accelerate your progress and transformation by giving you the following incentives (that have sold for thousands of dollars) absolutely FREE.

Membership into this High-Performers support community is normally $49 per month, but during this initial launch, you’ll be able to lock in your membership FOR LIFE for just $29 per month (after a 7-day TRIAL)!

Here’s what I will unlock for you today for FREE as a special incentive to TRIAL our Triumphant Life Community of High Performers:

Premium On-Demand Training

The Triumphant Life of Abundance

First, I want to make sure that we can set you up for long-term, LASTING success.

So many people seem to think that all of the successful people in the world “create their own luck”. This simply isn’t true.

Over the years of working with success legends like Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, and Jack Canfield… there has been ONE THING that all high performers have in common: They don’t rely on LUCK to make their life better!

I want you to be able to take control of your life, your goals, and your outcomes. And I want to walk you through exactly how to do this STEP-BY-STEP so you can start living your most fulfilled life starting TODAY.

Here’s just a few of the things we’ll uncover in this premium training:

  • The Most Important Things You Need to Know to Actually Reach Your Goals
  • How to Get On the Right Path to Healthier Living so You Can Wake Up Each Morning Feeling Youthful, Energized, Confident and EXCITED to Start Your Day
  • How to Live, Love and Laugh Longer so You Can Begin to Enjoy Life More
  • How to Dissolve Your Limiting Beliefs to Create more Happiness and Success
  • How to Break Free from Negative Recurring Patterns that Keep you Stuck
  • How to Finally Gain Freedom from Fear So You Can Move Forward with Confidence
  • True and Proven Success Secrets that You Must Know Now to Get Ahead Fast
  • How to Be Empowered through Simple yet Effective Tools that you Have and Don’t Even Know It
  • How to Liberate Yourself Once and For All and Achieve Success
  • The Newest Breakthroughs in Goal Setting Never Taught Before So You Can Finally Feel the Pride of Achievement

I have sold this individually for $597 in the past. But when you join the Triumphant Life Community for High Performers TODAY I’m going to unlock INSTANT ACCESS FREE for you!

Instant Powerful Quick-Fix Hacks

Two Secret Ancient Protocols For Breaking Your Energy Blocks

We all need extra help to make all of these teachings truly work for us.  Of course, I will be there live online with you monthly in our Triumphant Life Community group coaching sessions to further teach, inspire and support you on your quest for a better life.  But, we all happen to have internal blocks that may keep these powerful ideas from giving us the full effect we are hoping for.

There is no need to block progress any longer.  I am about to free you from all of the walls you’ve created around your ability to truly achieve all that you want in life and more.

As a long-time wellness counselor and expert, I’ve had the pleasure of studying with some of the leading psychologists in the country in the area of Energy Medicine. This is not some woo woo solution. It has been scientifically proven that we have energy meridians in our bodies that often hang-on to past emotions and trauma.  When our meridians become “kinked” from past issues, we tend to repeat these types of situations and are blocked from moving forward no matter how hard we try. Because of my research and studies, I have had the privilege of learning a powerful secret protocol to clear up the very blocks to abundance that you are hanging onto at the physical level that are holding you back from a successful, joyful and fulfilling life

And finally, when you learn how to make the energy changes within you to create a new life around you, then everything begins to shift.  Just by repeating certain words, the shift begins to happen and it’s permanent.

As a member of our Triumphant Life Community, you get exclusive access to these tools that will help you to:

  • Break Your Energy Blocks to Abundance One and For All
  • Change Your Energy to Change Your Life

I have sold these individually for $50 in the past, even though they are priceless. But when you join the Triumphant Life Community for High Performers TODAY I’m going to unlock INSTANT ACCESS FREE for you!

Unlimited Access to a Wealth of Health Resources (Your Own Health Counselor in a Box)

Free Premium Content From

Wellness is the foundation for all good things in life.  If you are not feeling great both physically and emotionally, you won’t have the energy and clarity you need to achieve the life that you desire.  Or, worse yet, you will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your success. Just like building a foundation to a house, you must have a strong foundation of good health and wellbeing to create a life of abundance.

So that you have all of the resources you need at your fingertips to truly live a healthy life easily and in an enjoyable way, we are giving you unlimited free access to hundreds of articles, recipes and videos to teach you everything you need to know to eat and live in a way that gives you the high energy and vitality and clear thinking you need to achieve and experience an abundant life.

As a member of our Triumphant Life Community, you get exclusive access to the information that will help you to:

  • Lose Weight and Feel Great
  • Prevent and Reverse health challenges such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and more
  • Live and Anti-inflammatory Way of Life to Eliminate Autoimmune disease and more
  • Learn Great Tasty Ideas to Break the Breakfast Boredom So You Can Start Your Day Energized, Clear and Satisfied
  • Learn Luscious Lunch Ideas to Sustain Your High Energy All Day
  • Live with Joy
  • Increase Your Energy and Clarity by 10X for High Productivity and Accomplishment
  • Live a More Passionate Life
  • Learn 32 Tips Proven to Boost Your Metabolism So You Never Have to Worry About Your Weight Again
  • Make Truly Healthy Yet Decadent Desserts to Satisfy that Sweet Tooth Craving Without the Guilt
  • Learn the Sexy Health Benefits of Chocolate to Enjoy Decadent Treats that Keep You Slim While Enhancing Your Health, Mood and Emotions
  • Learn the Science Behind Raw Foods for High Energy and Longevity
  • Gain Access to Hundreds of Delicious Healthy Satisfying Recipes to Wow Your Friends and More...

SanaView Premium Access for one year sells for $120.  But when you join the Triumphant Life Community for High Performers TODAY I’m going to unlock INSTANT ACCESS FREE for you!

Experts Reveal How to Achieve Your Goals

Free Best-Selling Book with Success Legend, Brian Tracy titled, "Ready, Set, Go!"

The name of this book was carefully chosen.  The Phrase, “Ready, Set, Go!” highlights the idea that the goals are achieved by moving in a predetermined direction.  The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tsu, is credited with the statement that “a journey of one thousand miles must start with the first step.’  This age-old philosophy validates that a goal cannot be accomplished without first taking action.

Now is the time to take action toward living a True Triumphant Life of Abundance and this book will help to further inspire you to achieve your dreams. It is a compilation of brilliant ideas from experts from all around the world, including your very own, Janet McKee, creator of the Triumphant Life teachings and the founder of SanaView.

In this book, you will become inspired to:

  • Practice the Master Skill
  • Learn Valuable Lessons from Those Who Have Struggled and Won
  • Discover that Impossible is Easier than You Think
  • Learn Success Secrets of Worldwide Experts to Accelerate Your Path to Success
  • Transform Energy into Action So You Achieve Your Goals Faster and Easier
  • Step Into Wellness and Personal Growth as the Foundation for Success
  • Communicate Your Big Ideas to Get Noticed
  • Stop Settling and Start Thriving for a Life of Joy and Fulfillment
  • Learn the ABCs of Winning So that You Never Lose Again
  • Have Mental Tenacity to Stay Focused and Achieve Great Things
  • Get Unstuck and Then Go So that You Reach Your Goals
  • Learn Ten Steps to Regain Your Personal Power!

This book sells for $25 plus shipping and handling but when you join the Triumphant Life Community for High Performers TODAY I’m going to send you your very own downloadable version IMMEDIATELY for FREE.

Feeling and Looking Your Best is Easy and Delicious

Free Famous Recipe Book titled "Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health"

Did you ever wonder why some people always look great and have high energy and vibrancy?  

Do you think that in order to eat healthy and lose weight, that you have to be deprived or spend countless hours of drudgery at the gym?  

Do you fear that to make healthy foods, you have to be a gourmet chef and spend all day in the kitchen?

Are you tired of asking, “What’s for Dinner?”

Well, you are about to learn that looking and feeling your best is actually easy and delicious.  You no longer will have to struggle with your weight or your health. You will not have to wonder what foods you should eat to be healthy and thin.  And, since 95% of your body shape is a result of the food choices you are making, then you no longer will have to spend countless hours at the gym (unless you want to of course)  just to try to manage your weight.

In this book, you will have access to hundreds of recipes that promote energy, vitality and longevity with amazing simple recipes including:

  • Ways to Break the Breakfast Boredom with Fresh Juices, Smoothies and more
  • Tantalizing Snacks and Appetizers to Have Fun and Feel Satisfied
  • Heartwarming Soups to Fill Your Tummy and Warm Your Heart
  • Satisfying Stews that Satisfy the Whole Family
  • Sumptuous Salads for Great Health, Energy and Crunch
  • Vivacious Vegetable Side Dishes that even the Non-veggie Lovers will Love
  • Pleasing Pasta Dishes - Yes Pasta can be Healthy and Slimming
  • Whole Grain Comforts and Hearty Main Dishes - The Finest Comfort Food Around
  • And the Most Popular Section of All: Truly Healthy Decadent Desserts so that You Never Feel Guilty Again

This book sells for $25 plus shipping and handling but when you join the Triumphant Life Community for High Performers TODAY I’m going to send you your very own downloadable version IMMEDIATELY for FREE.

Everything listed above is what you’ll be getting for FREE when you join today!

Your Own Live Expert, Mentor, and Teacher

Live Group Mentoring and Coaching

Everyone’s different and has different hurdles at different times.  That’s why I’m here to help you through them and help you overcome them.  I’ve given you all of the framework and the training for free in my bonuses.  But when you continue with me in the coaching, I help you apply these specifically to YOUR situation.

All of the world’s most successful people have coaches and mentors to help them continue to go beyond where they are in each and every area of their lives.  Just like a professional athlete, we all need a coach to help us reach greater levels.

  • Get me LIVE online each month to get further inspired and learn more
  • I will mentor  you every step of the way toward a true Triumphant Life
  • Every call is recorded so you may listen anytime as often as you like
  • In each call, I teach a Triumphant Life for High Performers topic
  • The group shares insights and experiences
  • Live Q&A (Freedom to ask me specific questions so you can become a true high-performer)
  • Plus sometimes I award members of the group with special gifts and bonuses for effort and accomplishments
  • Tons of fun and inspiration 
Interact with Some of the Most Positive Successful People You Will Ever Meet

Live Gathering of Positive Minded High Performers 

Many have said to pay attention to the company that you keep.  To be truly successful, spend time with people who are positive and forward thinking.  Only surround yourself with people who never criticize or try to hold you back but instead cheer you on to be your best.

I am constantly amazed at the caliber of people who are part of our Triumphant Life Community of High Performers.  I am grateful to be leading this group and to be in the presence of some of the most incredible high achievers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Only good can come from you being part of this amazing gathering of people who want the best for themselves, their loved ones and for you.

  • Meet and interact with some of the most positive minded success oriented individuals you will ever meet
  • Become like the people you admire most
  • Aspire to be like the people who have been successful and learn all you can from them
  • Benefit from surrounding yourself with only the best
Encouragement from Friends

Community Engagement and Support 

We all need a little help from our friends and what better way to do it, then to be part of an online international group of High Performers who are all striving to achieve greater levels of abundance in every area of their lives.  Studies have shown that when you

  • There is great comfort in knowing that you are not alone in dealing with life’s issues and in learning these new ideas and skills
  • Reinforce ideas you’ve learned by hearing how others have applied them into their own life
  • Gain clarity from helpful ideas and suggestions from others in the group
  • Share diverse perspectives to enable you to think through these ideas more thoroughly
  • Find inspiring peers to learn from and emulate (copy)
  • Refine your own voice and perspective as you listen to others
  • Have fun, laugh together and celebrate together
Accelerate Your Progress

The Power of Positive Group Energy

Nothing is more powerful than when we all meet and work together toward achieving our goals and creating a Triumphant Life. Studies have shown that when you work in a group, you stay more positive and encouraged to keep pressing on to achieve the life that you desire.  There surge of positive energy that ones feel when they are part of a like-minded group is incredibly beneficial and accelerates everyone’s progress.

  • Experience the power of positive group energy
  • Accelerate Your Learning and Progress
  • Interact with Other Like-Minded Goal Oriented High Performers
  • Gain Ongoing Encouragement and Accountability
Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Triumphant Life Community For High-Performers Today


  • Triumphant Life of Abundance Online Course (VALUE OF $597)
  • Our Online Community
    • So that you can interact with like-minded individuals and inspire each other with wonderful ideas and real-life breakthroughs and experiences of putting these teachings into action
    • Along with the powerful and positive energy of working in group setting with helps every member advance more quickly
    • And gain the guidance you need to live a healthier and happier more energized life (i’m referring to access to sanaview premium content)
  • Live Group Coaching
    • Live support and mentorship from me where I will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you follow through with what you’ve learned
    • And gain further inspiration along with new emerging ideas to help you continuously expand your skills and knowledge toward continued and sustained levels of success.

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